Silicon valley

Our Directors Mihail Shapiro (CEO) and George Lagoda (CTO) from Ambidexter was invited at Megapolis 89’5 FM program «Silikonovie». They discussed Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and you can learn the whole the truth about this.

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The program «Silikonovie» is dedicated discussing the latest trends and actual problems of the modern digital market. The show presenter is Vladimir Smerkis, who is an expert in the field of Internet technologies.
The program author, working in the digital market field, is faced with a huge number of questions from clients and colleagues about development and promotion of online business. In the program «Silikonovie» the author and his guests systematize the accumulated professional knowledge, share their experiences and answer audience’s question. The program «Silicone Space» will be useful for beginning businessman: it helps to define the growth direction, to get practical recommendations how to avoid the most common mistakes creating your own online business.