DevGamm Moscow 2017

Third time our team will take part in gamedev conference. This time we will act as the silver sponsor on DevGamm conference which will be held in Moscow.

This year we are going to demonstrate our two projects:

  1. First project is the MMO RPG with augmented reality and GPS navigation called UnderVerse. Project is live on kickstater and going to be soft launched soon.  We have recently wrote a post about that: UnderVerse live on kickstarter For those who want to go directly to the project’s kickstarter page : Our Kickstarter page
  2. The second project is our 3d runner called Freak Truck. The idea based beyond this game, is that under certain circumstances you drive a truck and constantly smash other vehicles on your way.

If you want to meet and greet us, feel free to find our stand on the conference. We will show you our games and give you the opportunity to experience our latest builds.