UnderVerse live on KickStarter

Friends, we are glad to present to you the new and exciting multiplayer role-playing game UnderVerse, which stands out amongst other games in its genre with its use of augmented reality and geo-positioning integrated with classic gameplay.

UnderVerse will allow you to take a fresh look at your home city or any other place you find yourself. The reality of the streets you know will become a battlefield between us, heroes of might and magic, and terrible creatures of titanic strength.

All that you love about the RPG genre – epic loot, elaborate worlds and characters, unique magic systems – are present in UnderVerse, enhanced by the use of augmented reality. UnderVerse is a real fantasy adventure which is taking place here and now.

Soon, with your help, we will erase the line between reality and the virtual world! Join us – we are waiting for you on kickstarter!

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