Fuel up your truck

Ambidexter Studios presents a brand new endless runner game. Do your hear this roar? It is your truck shivering impatiently, awaiting you to jump inside and mash the pedal! Engine is running, tanks are full of gasoline. Are you ready to drive?

Deadly race for love

Freak Truck is not just another runner. It is the epic story of how a simple man of simple pleasures becomes a hero. He drives his truck. He drives himself crazy. He’s gonna smash, crush and destroy all on his way.

I wanna be driven by you

Let the endless race begin! Nitro is your blood, madness is your fuel, steel body of your truck is your sword. Kick it in drive and reveal your sickness to this pathetic world!

There's a new player in town and he is completely insane

Don’t let people treat your like crap. Even the president. Even if he stole your wife and your booze. Even if black helicopters are over your head. Drive for your love. Drive with your insanity. Crush everything on your way.

Cars, guns and lots of fun

The world spins on the wheels of your truck. Powerful items fall on your way. Tons of custom parts await in the garage. And, of course, spanners… the whole ocean of spanners – this is all for your, driver!