New era in mobile RPG

Imagine if any of your favourite fantasy worlds emerged in your own city. Imagine if any of online battlegrounds you’ve used to play appeared near your house or even inside it. If so, then, welcome to UnderVerse ARPG, where fires of eternal war are burning literally around you.

Play with your friends

You are not alone! Call your friends to arms, settle your clan’s stronghold and together fight with minions of Exiled One

Collect and cast spells

Search for special items and then build magic skills from them. More you find more power you will gain.

Brave hero deserves glory

Fighting the mobs demands on you to be brave and strong. But the reward for victory is significant. And soon you will be claimed as a world’ savior.

Are you a god of arena?

Charge your opponents for dueling with you. Cast powerful spells on them to defeat and use magic substance to protect yourself

Your land is the fortress

Exiled One and his cruel lieutenants live only to burn you home to ashes. And only you stays before the everlasting chaos and protect your beloved form death

Choose your destiny

Become a Keeper of the Ice Citadel and protect your own city from hordes of vile monsters in augmented reality

Travel around your city

Explore the place you live and find many of secret locations full of monsters and treasures

Play role you want

You can be a brave knight or a cruel vampire. You can be divine angle or blood-lust werewolf. You can be a hero who safe the world or who puts it in a spin of chaos

Conquer and dominate

You are surrounded by manifold of mighty rivals. If you want to be on top you have to conquer as much lands and resources as you can reach. So travel far and faster then your enemies!

Many worlds - many souls

You stay on the threshold between multiple worlds. Step forward and you will discover unspeakable miracle of Time and Space

Keeper of the Ice Citadel

Be brave and strong. Be vigorous and generous. Protect your friends and fight your rivals. And you name will last in people’s memory forever!